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Tips On Securing Your Website And Social Networking Accounts

Network security and its integrity is a very crucial and a very important from the point of view of any Webmaster and it is something that always haunts his thoughts all the time. For a big company that is totally reliant on such a system, it becomes very important for them to hire people who can look after such needs and carry out certain checks and tests in order to check the integrity of our dear website and the whole network. Losing valuable data to the hackers can mean a huge monetary loss. One of the main reasons to carry out these tests that no matter how much secure your system is or the measures you have taken there are still a lot of hidden vulnerabilities lurking inside the system. A job of a security expert is to uncover those vulnerabilities and provide a remedy a majors in order to tackle the situation before it gets out of hand. Sometimes a website/network gets hacked because of things which people usually overlook like bad configuration or switching off the update button can lead to hacking of the website.

Penetration testing is one of the means through which all known and unknown vulnerabilities are discovered within the system, in this approach and malicious code is injected in the website and its repercussions on the website and the whole network which includes the live servers is ascertained. The outputs obtained in the form of detailed reports is then forwarded to network engineers are administrators who then take over the situation from there onwards. This method of knowingly hacking an account or the system is also known as ethical hacking, and only difference between ethical hacking and the Black Hat hacking is that the later has no knowledge of the infrastructure and he is totally unaware of its outputs and results.

Penetration testing is also known as black box testing because of the approach that is adapted to carry out the test. In this approach a security expert takes the route of a real hacker and pushes the system to the extreme to test its integrity. The detailed security audit carried out on the website gives some reports which are then further studied and some corrective measures are taken to fix the loopholes within the system. Some of the benefits of undergoing penetration testing are as below:

  1. Penetration testing gives an opportunity to the security expert work in the same style as a real hacker and check the sites security and its stability.
  2. These tests save the company from huge losses that it may face in the future because of the loss of data to the mischievous people who try to breach the system.
  3. The security audit carried out can be used to figure out serious vulnerabilities in the system and pride to causing any damage, if you this may be taken to fix those vulnerabilities.

For carrying out such tests experience people should be recruited and testing should be carried out whenever there is change in the infrastructure of the system. It is a big challenge these days to stay safe online and there are unscrupulous elements and hackers who are constantly pushing the systems and networks to the limits. These tests give a very good feel about about the situation it can face in the future and one can always be ready to overcome any such challenge in the coming time.